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Day 14 – I am becoming more flexible!

Today was Yoga day, I think I am becoming more flexible because you know that part where you squat and have to balance your entire body on your arms? Well this time I didn’t fall on my head- CAUSE I DIDN”T FUCKING TRY  IT. That’s right I skipped it, and I’m totally okay with partial failure, so what, I can’t twist  my body like a fucking pretzel and stand on my hands like an acrobat.  I’m okay with that!

But Downward dog is getting easier, and I enjoyed feeling my abs burn like a fucking razor inside my lower area during the pilates gone Yoga x wild.

The truth is I am hoping by next week I can just get through 75 minutes without any intterruptions like my kid’s half eaten doughnut that stared at me as I planned its execution.

This is what I'm buying for myself as soon as I lose all my weight.

I did not eat the doughnut! I stayed in that fucking prayer twist position and concentrated on my skinny ass. Yes I may have fallen on my face last week Tony Horton, but this chick is so on her game this week.

Week 3 is almost over, I am stoked!


About Thunder Woman

I'm a Thirty something chick who has thunderthighs. I like chocolate. I like fried shit. I hate exercise. But it's time I take control and make it happen. Maybe I just like the feeling of a strong man's hand on my butt during yoga, or maybe I hate not being able to sit in a fucking airline chair. Or maybe it's time i put my kid's needs before my own, and live long so one day his wife will have someone to torture her. It don't matter the reasons. I just need to get fit. For me. For my kid. For that fucking pair of spandex biking shorts that stare at me from the bottom of my underwear drawer. They belonged to some skinny girl I once knew. That fucking skinny ass bitch is back. She's back with a vengeance.

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  1. Thunderwoman, I am so proud of you that you did not eat the doughtnut. You rock! Yes I am commenting to myself, it helps my self esteem.


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